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  1. Venus enters Sagittarius
  2. Why do so many millennials believe in horoscopes? | The Independent
  3. What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

Venus enters Sagittarius

Semi-Sheer Sweater dress. Cold-Shoulder Midi. Plaid Dress with Flare Sleeve. Collared Pinstripe Jumpsuit. Puff-Sleeve Tie-Back Dress. Faux-Leather Dress. Lettuce-Edge Crop Top. Feather-Print Pants. Mustard Lace Flounce Dress. Yellow Floral Corset Top. Tapestry-Print Pants. Fuzzy Navy Sweater. Chenille Longline Cardigan.

Chunky Stripe Sweater. Striped Gray Poncho. Loose-Knit Cricket Sweater. Faux-Leather Lace-Up Skirt. Western Mini Skirt. Faux-Leather Striped Skirt. A-Line Leather and Tweed Skirt. Black Vinyl Zipper Skirt. Olive Cargo Trousers. Snakeskin Trucker Jacket. The Rolling Stones Tee.

Snakeskin Ankle Boots.

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Lace-Up Leather Pants. Semi-Sheer Strapless Dress. Plunging Cutout Jumpsuit.

Why do so many millennials believe in horoscopes? | The Independent

Lace Bodycon Midi Dress. Ribbed Square-Neck Midi Dress. Baby Blue Cutout Dress. Cardigan Sweater Dress. Vertical Stripe Rainbow Dress. Red Ribbed Maxi Dress.

Cancer Zodiac Fashion

Abstract Cricket Dress. Graphic-Print Sweater Dress. Tied Linen Jumpsuit. Tie-Back Culotte Jumpsuit. Breezy Crew-Neck Jumpsuit. The newest instalment in our Astrology Series, resident Astrologer Scarlett Stars takes a look at the Cancer zodiac sign - the dates and traits this star sign holds, as well famous Cancer stars! Ruled by the Moon, Cancers can become awash with their feelings making them susceptible to sudden changes of tempo; these mood swings can cause their claws to pinch occasionally.

The moon rules the subconscious as well as emotion, blessed with a 6 th sense these cosmic crabs can suss out atmospheres and new characters using their spidey senses. Compassionate and patient, Cancer is an inherently nurturing sign.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

Providing the ultimate form of safety, their abodes are often packed with creature comforts. Debbie Harry, front woman with attitude, oozes that Cancerian outer edge. Cancers can go either way, but it's rarely in the middle. They "can be messy, but when they decide to clean up, they might just color-code their shoe collections and alphabetize their bags by designer's last names.

You love sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops and, by now, you're likely skilled out rooting out the best finds and deals. Uniform-loving Cancers use the piece as a building block for many an outfit. Along with the basic blouse, don't be surprised if you've amassed a lot of plain tees, tanks, and jackets. Trends are fun for you and playing with clothes is a favorite of yours; the twins cited Solange as the ultimate example of this sort of Cancer. On your racks, you likely have an easy-to-spot bright or pattern. If they have an item for more than 15 minutes, it'll have sentimental value for them.