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The start of the St. Johns-Delta football game was delayed for 75 minutes by heavy rain, lightning and high winds, but once the weather became more cooperative, Delta stormed to a rout of Blue Jays Friday at Delta. Johns averted a shutout when Randy Stemen scored from three yards out with 40 seconds to play.

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Members were registered by Mrs. Robert Laipply, Mrs. Robert Thomas, Mrs.

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Richard Edwards, Mrs. Edward Johnson and Alice Bell. Tuesday, the city of Cincinnati caught up with the space age when the Reds won a share of the flag by coming from behind to beat the Chicago Cubs, and hours later actually clinched it when Pittsburgh shut out second-place Los Angeles Dodgers, , in the second game of a double- header.

A number of plans for the coming year were made at the regular meeting of the Delphos Junior Chamber of Commerce Monday night. The local organization will be represented at the state meeting in Columbus on Sept. Jerry Backus, Mr. Dick Schlagbaum, Mr. Jim Mesker and Mr. Jim Dray. Linder, S. Smith and W. Diller took the final plunge at Fort Brown Sunday afternoon. The three went to that place for an afternoon of fishing but decided that it would be a good time to show up the local aquatic stars.


Delphos Kiwanians were anticipating a most pleas- ant evening at the Beckman Hotel Tuesday night when the 15th anniversary of the organization of the local club was to be celebrated. An exceptionally interesting program was arranged for the occasion. Heading this would be the Thomas Brothers, radio stars and members of a Major Bowes company. Harold Hail of Van Wert, was named chairman. AP New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has reaffirmed to supporters that he isnt run- ning for president, even as a speech he delivered at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library was likely to stoke fresh speculation about his White House ambitions.

The Republican gover- nor warned that the nations credibility abroad was being damaged by troubles at home. He charged that an indecisive White House has deepened the nations economic pain, and he accused President Barack Obama of preparing to divide the country to win re-election next year.

Christie later said in a question-and-answer session that he was flattered by sug- gestions he run in , but he added, that reason has to reside inside me.

He urged a capacity audi- ence of about that includ- ed former first lady Nancy Reagan to look at the website Politico, which had pieced together a long string of video clips of him saying hes not a candidate for the White House. Those are the answers, he told the crowd. In his speech, Christie didnt spare Congress as he delivered a scathing indict- ment of Beltway politics. He said the failure to compromise, along with Obamas lack of leadership, had set the country dangerously off course. In Washington we drift from conflict to conflict, with little or no resolution.

We watch a president who once talked about the courage of his convictions, but still has yet found the courage to lead, Christie said. We watch a Congress at war with itself because they are unwilling to leave campaign-style politics at the Capitols door. The result is a debt-ceiling limitation debate that made our democ- racy appear as if we could no longer effectively govern ourselves, he said. Christies appearance came during a three-day national trip in which the governor is raising money for Republicans and networking with party rainmakers.

With a reputation as a blunt-talking budget-cutter, the Reagan stage gave Christie the opportunity to extend his influence in a party that views him as a rising star. Christie, the first Republican elected New Jersey gover- nor since , repeatedly contrasted Reagans leader- ship skills with the dysfunc- tion in Washington. Obama has positioned himself as a compromiser and deal-maker, but Christie cited his work in Trenton as the successful model, saying leadership and compromise is the only way you reform New Jerseys pen- sion and health benefits sys- tem.

He mocked Obama as a bystander in the Oval Office who was preparing to divide the nation along economic lines to win another four years in Washington, apparently alluding to the presidents jobs bill, which proposes that wealthy Americans and big corporations pay more in taxes. Obama is telling those who are scared and struggling that the only way their lives can get better is to dimin- ish the success of others, Christie said.

The day after Congress managed to avoid a govern- ment shutdown again Republicans and Democrats stared ahead Tuesday at major fights over spending that underscore a deep divide thats sure to define the fast- approaching national elec- tions. Monday night, lawmak- ers had postponed their dis- pute over whether billions for disaster aid must be paid for with cuts elsewhere in the budget, finessing a pact to keep the government operat- ing.

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Democrats, many of whom complained of too many concessions and reductions in this years showdowns, are furiously trying to protect government programs. The next skirmish will be over how and where to spend the new years budget, with a Nov. These fights will unfold against the backdrop of a feeble economy that Obama is desperate to jump-start as he pushes for a second term, and an exasperated electorate that looks at Washington and dislikes what it sees. The heat will be on, the heat from the American peo- ple, said former Republican Sen.

Alan Simpson, who believes Americans strug- gling economically will be asking, Why stretch us out like this? Lawmakers also will be under pressure from political factions demanding that they stand firm for party beliefs. You have to support getting control of excessive spending and debt, said Sal Russo, a longtime Republican operative and founder of the Tea Party Express, a well- funded wing of the populist movement.

Are you helping to solve the problem or mak- ing it worse?

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Shortly after Senate votes on Monday, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La. The disaster aid dispute that threatened to partially shut down the government this weekend was resolved relatively quickly after a standoff between Democrats and Republicans. The fight, however, was an unpleasant reminder to most Americans of the last-minute maneu- vering in April to avert a shutdown and the August showdown over raising the nations borrowing author- ity that left financial markets unnerved.

This time, Democrats had spent weeks demanding addi- tional disaster aid in response to hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters that had battered Americans from Vermont to Missouri. Republicans had said the additional aid had to be off- set by cuts in energy-related programs that Democrats favored. The Federal Emergency Management Agency had warned that its accounts would be out of money early this week. A solution to keep the gov- ernment operating seemed uncertain last week. Then word from the Obama admin- istration that FEMA wasnt in as dire financial straits as many feared proved to be the answer.

Chuck Schumer, D-N. But the other GOP candidates are struggling or broke, putting their candida- cies in question four months before the first nominating contests take place. Ahead of a critical fund- raising deadline Friday, all of the GOPs contenders regardless of the level of their financial health are furiously courting donors in Texas, Georgia, Washington and elsewhere. Its a last-min- ute attempt to pick up cash before they file a three-month summary that will measure one aspect of the financial strength of their campaigns.

With the support of peo- ple like you, we will be able to get America back to work again, Romney wrote to his email list Tuesday while he personally pressed donors in New York to pony up. The candidates own cash is just part of the picture because, this year, outside groups are allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to back specific candidates. That money aside, Romney is likely to post the stron- gest fundraising numbers, although his spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, said hell raise considerably less than he did between April and June, his first fundraising quarter as a presidential candidate.

His advis- ers, however, dispute that. Theyre lowering expecta- tions either so Perrys haul looks more impressive when its announced, or its an indi- cation that the GOP front- runner hasnt seen a flood of money accompany the huge dose of enthusiasm he ini- tially generated. Pauls campaign asked supporters to celebrate the Texas congressmans Aug.

Its a pattern for Paul, who can seemingly turn on the money spigot when he needs to; his loyal libertarian backers have delivered like that on five occasions, to the tune of a million or more at a time.

Boston zodiac signs

The rest of the field lags far, far behind. Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor who is in the single digits in most state and national public opinion polls, recently had to write himself a half-million dollar check to keep his campaign afloat. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann spent so much money in Iowa in August to win a statewide test vote that her web videos look more amateurish than professional now. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is still mired in debt.

Herman Cain, the former pizza company execu- tive, has loaned himself hun- dreds of thousands of dol- lars so he can keep running and Rick Santorums team acknowledges that the for- mer Pennsylvania senator is barely scraping by. All of these second- and third-tier candidates are try- ing to prove that they are still viable while trying to gather enough cash to pay for polling and advertising to push them through the pack. Thats only going to get hard- er. Campaign fundraising is time-intensive and expen- sive. It limits time candidates can spend with voters. The meetings are private, limit- ing a candidates ability to earn free media from news coverage.

The National Federation of Independent Business filed an appeal today of a portion of the ruling by the federal appeals court in Atlanta that struck down the individual insurance requirement. The appeals court upheld the rest of the law, an out- come the NFIB says is bad for business. The law would extend coverage to more than 30 million people who are now uninsured, many through subsidies to purchase private insurance and an expansion of Medicaid.

The business filing comes the same day the Obama administrations response is due at the Supreme Court in another challenge to the same law. In that case, the federal appeals court in Cincinnati upheld the law. The NFIB pursued its law- suit along with 26 states. The states are expected to pur- sue a high court appeal chal- lenging the legitimacy of the Medicaid expansion.