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This is the best time to declare your love for a Scorpio, or if you are the Scorpio who has fallen for someone. And, Scorpio has a bunch of other signs seeking attention. More specifically: Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio:. Venus in Scorpio in any horoscope produces a very intense emotional nature. They like a bit of surrender in the relationship. That means it is a feminine planet. With Scorpio as the sign of fixed spiritual intelligence, passion and emotional depth, and Venus here in exile, a highly romantic, electric personality is revealed.

Under the tropical zodiac most commonly used in Western astrology , the Sun transits this sign on average from October 23 to November Venus left Libra on Wednesday, the 8 th of September, removing herself from the gilded halls of the white palace and beginning her descent into the twisting tunnels below.

What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Desires & Personal Style

If Venus is in the sign Scorpio then you have an intense need to love with more physical and emotional depth and commitment than perhaps any other sign. Well, I have Venus in Scorpio as well, but I am a female. Learning the Scorpio star sign personality and Scorpio traits can help you coexist in harmony with this zodiac sign, which can be protective and magnetic but also secretive, possessive and vengeful.

Scorpio in Mercury and Venus wants deep connections through communication and intense physical and emotional intimacy. Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Detriment: Scorpio and Aries Keyword: Attraction. They can excel in criminology, forensic medicine, and so on. Mars in Scorpio Personality. The characteristics of Venus are especially strong in this sign and are expressed easily and naturally. The sign it falls in it reflects its character. Scorpio is a soulful sign, so be prepared to get deep into your feelings when Mars is in the house.

Venus in Scorpio has a different effect, depending on whether the partner is male or female. Intense is the word that best describes Scorpio.

If you think it hurts when a Sun in Scorpio comes back for their revenge, you will not at all be prepared for what a Mars in Scorpio man has to bring. Venus in 4th house Every planet has its own characteristic qualities ,like Mercury likes to play, Saturn likes to learn and assimilate, Jupiter wants to expand and grow etc. Venus in Scorpio brings out the loving and trusting side of the Scorpio. They are confident and have a strong sense of themselves, taking themselves as seriously as anyone or anything in life. People with Venus in scorpio may stay single for years looking for the perfect one, and then give them their pure devotion and loyality.

Pluto in Scorpio Traits. Agni and Indra stand for heat, power and authority. It can be one-sided sometimes. Mystery is the biggest turn on with Venus in Scorpio and a sultry, sexy look works best. Mars was always considered the traditional ruler of Scorpio so Mars is very much at home in this sign placement.

In fact, Scorpio is a water sign that derives. Venus in Scorpio seems fearless when it comes to intimacy. There's an inner strength to this sign that no one can compete with. Both are legendary placements to those in the Astrological know. She does not attract by force. Mystical, exotic, dark, deeply emotional and dramatic Scorpio combined with beautiful, romantic, pleasure seeking and warm Venus, make a powerful combination that emits incredibly strong romantic energy one cannot easily find words to describe.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. It will be affected by other things in your chart, but be assured you will definitely have that powerful Scorpio energy available to you. This is a rather impractical placement to have in a natal chart, as the gentle, moist and feminine traits of Venus do not blend well with the dynamic and obsessive characteristics of Scorpio. Can you look at an astrology birth chart and tell if a person is a narcissist or has narcissistic personality disorder? Anticipating winter is far more fearsome, typically, than living it. I'm a Sag with Venus in Scorpio.

Effective Scorpio president Theodore Roosevelt Oct.

Venus in Zodiac Signs Men

Because of its incredible passion and power, Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign. Uranus intensifies what it touches, and gives it your unique personality. Scorpio possess a magnetism in their personality which attracts many towards them and this help them in their career also. But the underbelly of Scorpio is deep fear, mistrust, sometimes paranoia. Mars enters Libra at.

Planets in Astrology. The planet Venus is about love and relationships, and is known for being agreeable, friendly, and warm. Scorpio Decans and Personality Traits As explained earlier in the article " what is a decan in astrology ", you already understand why people born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio can exhibit different characteristics, or qualities. Neptune goes Station Direct in Pisces at. If you have natal Venus in the 12th house you have a compassionate, sympathetic and loving nature, but it may be nearly invisible to others.

Women born with Venus in Scorpio will be incredibly sexually magnetic. She does not attract with sultriness, as does Venus in Scorpio. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac, and is a water sign. Venus is the goddess planet, ruling over flirtation and friendship, our fashion style and the way we attract — discover your Venus sign and read more. On December 2nd, when Venus moves into Scorpio on, our zodiac signs will face the challenge of whether to go all or nothing in our relationships. Those born under this sign often have an uncanny knack for sensing the subtle or hidden undercurrents in a situations, and tend to respond in ways that bring hidden.

These people prefer a small number of deep relationships, in which they tend to give their all, rather than a large number of superficial and relatively meaningless ones. Venus in Scorpio men and women give you their complete attention. Once they enter a room full of people, all eyes stares at them. Venus in Scorpio will offer their lover support and strength and needs a lover to help them release some of that intensity.

Natal Venus in Scorpio.

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Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

Scorpio and Sagittarius Cusp Signs Characteristics. Venus is about relationships, and is sociable, friendly, and affectionate. Venus has an awesome ride in for you this month, when she enters the intense and romantic zodiac sign of Scorpio. Don't play games with them, because they find it difficult to forgive. But what does it all mean? Our spiritual contributor, Shawn of Witchy Wisdoms, is sharing everything you need to know about Scorpio season:. You're the type who can love your sweetie down to the depths of your soul, but if they hurt you or break your heart, you'll hate them just as passionately as you adored them.

This is so very true. Those with an Ascendant in Scorpio tend to make wise financial investments, including purchases of real estate. Or consequences which we don't much like. When it comes to relationships, you can expect a Venus in Scorpio to be loyal, protective and support of you. They can, however, become very obsessive and possessive of you. We are dealing with Scorpio, after all. Born in the middle of life and death, love and hate, Venus in Scorpios are deeply intimidating, sexual and powerful. You either love them or hate them. There will never be an in between.

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Venus stands at the edge of a quagmire, her eyes sightless, and her teeth dripping with poison, a cold grin slides onto her face.. Those born with Venus in Scorpio have Venus in its first detriment, are possessive, secretive,romantic, intense, loving and creative when it comes to matters involving self worth, money, love, relationships and aesthetic.

Those born with this venus have a tendency to have relatively low self worth, they may feel unattractive, or aesthetically unappealing,while trying to present a facade that they are better because of how seriously they take love, they need to be cherished and to feel secure to develop a safe and healthy self worth.

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Venus in scorpio is very creative, destruction is a form of creation after all, and may display many artistic talents, especially in music,or in things that they can break things or destroy things, they also may enjoy sports or video games of some kind. Venus in Scorpio wants to merge and feel complete, they often times look for love, but may feel weak when they need it because they are used to handling things on their own. Venus in Scorpio adores lots of colors, though colors that seem to really draw them in are greens, purples, and blues, they like textiles with lots of patterns, and will usually dress in either a sporty way, in dark brooding colors, artsy fartsy, or in a way that makes them blend in.

Venus in Scorpio enjoys hypnotic and deep smells, like dark chocolate, and wine, and musky smells like the sea as well. Venus in scorpio loves spicy foods, and exotic tastes to their palate, and enjoy trying things that mentally engage and physically engage them. Venus in Scorpio is good with money, and investing. People with Venus in Scorpio are attracted to those who may be intriguing, mysterious, closed off, powerful, and emotionally intense. They may also like surgeons, doctors, researchers, mystics, sailors,and chemists.

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Venus in scorpio takes love very seriously and dating can be a little hard for them. Venus in Scorpio needs someone who understand the intensity and depth of their passions, as well as someone they can trust and open up to without expecting them to turn on them, they can not stand lying or what they perceive to be deceptions, they are loyal themselves usually and will stick by your side til the end once they are invested in the commitment.

They can have a very mysterious personality one that often takes hoops and ladders to meet in person. They can at times struggle with the more superficial parts of meeting someone such as the first dates and the flirting stage as everything they do is geared towards total fulfillment of their desire for something intense and endearing. They can be bored by the idea of of someone not knowing what it is they seek from a romance.